11SecondsClub – 2017 December competition

Hello Fellows! Let me show you the animation I made for the last month competition, where I took the 3th place of 93 competitors. Hope you enjoy it!

11SecondsClub – December Competition from Fabian Pineda on Vimeo.


11SecondsClub – 2017 November competition

Hello There! Let me show you the animation I did for The11SecondsClub competition, where I won the 7th place among 192 animations more. Hope you like it, See you later.

11SecondsClub – November Competition from Fabian Pineda on Vimeo.

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Monserrate: Quick gesture drawings

Ok. I went to Monserrate last saturday and drew some quick women’s poses. 🙂

Quick gesture drawings
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I remember the game  from SNES too!  Oh times. T_T

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Modo from Biker Mice from Mars – Rough stage

One of the best old animated Tv series that has been forgotten now :(. This is just one tribute of others I’ll do later.  For now, this illustration is going to be finished soon.

Modo (Rough)