11SecondsClub – 2017 November competition

Hello There! Let me show you the animation I did for The11SecondsClub competition, where I won the 7th place among 192 animations more. Hope you like it, See you later.

11SecondsClub – November Competition from Fabian Pineda on Vimeo.

Animation · drawings

Femme Fatale Process

HI everyone!
Here is a little walking cycle with a brief estructure explanation at the end.
Hope it works for you.

Character design and animation by Fabián Pineda
Music by Bee Gees

Femme Fatale Process from Fabian Pineda on Vimeo.


Dancing Alligator, Movement two By Fabián Pineda

You want to see him dancing. Just play this song or seek in your memory one with a similar Rhythm, let’s try 😀
– Daniela – Rodolfo Aicardi



Walking Chita Animation Process

I wanted to make a reference animation of a quadruped walking. Hope you like!

Character designs by Fabián Pineda
Music by Radiohead – There, there

Walking Chita from Fabian Pineda on Vimeo.


Happy Animation Day – Rough storyboard-animation practice

Just a rough animation I made for this day. It took 6 hour to make it all. I hope you like this little piece.
Animation Rules!!

Music: Greed – Godsmack
Sound FX: Sony Library

Happy Animation Day By Fabián Pineda from Fabian Pineda on Vimeo.