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Women from my mind #2

Women from my mind #2
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Monserrate Quick Sketches 15/07/2017

Monserrate quick sketches
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Puppets Remasterized – Rough Stage

Ok! this is another old drawign (The left one) that I did time ago and I wanted to re-draw the characters with the knowledge I have now. Hope you like more the right one 😀 (although It isn’t painted yet)

Puppets Remasterized
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Old drawings remasterized

Ok, these are some characters that I re-drew from old ones. I really notice what I’ve learnt and improved. 🙂

Old drawings remastered
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Metalero Remasterized (rough Stage)

Yeaah! This is a rough stage of a remasterized version of a character I drew 6 years ago. In that time I was starting to take this seriously, but not as much as today. I remember It took like two days to draw just the rough and other two for ink it, and it was one of the best drawings that I did in that epoch. It was not bad, but the anatomy and the silhouette were too static and had lack of dynamics.
Now I drew this in one hour and I’m sure It will take at least two hours to ink it and to apply the colour. Of course, I need to improve much more but I’m keeping on. 🙂


Metalero remasterized (rough stage)
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Monserrate: Quick gesture drawings

Ok. I went to Monserrate last saturday and drew some quick women’s poses. 🙂

Quick gesture drawings