11SecondsClub competition of February 2018

Hello!! I want to share with you the last animation I did for the competition of February in The11secondsclub. I took the 13th place but I don’t care, I just Wanted to try an hybrid between traditional and cutout animation and proving something with more difficulty. Enjoy! See you!

11SecondsClub – February 2018 from Fabian Pineda on Vimeo.


11SecondsClub – 2017 December competition

Hello Fellows! Let me show you the animation I made for the last month competition, where I took the 3th place of 93 competitors. Hope you enjoy it!

11SecondsClub – December Competition from Fabian Pineda on Vimeo.


11SecondsClub – 2017 November competition

Hello There! Let me show you the animation I did for The11SecondsClub competition, where I won the 7th place among 192 animations more. Hope you like it, See you later.

11SecondsClub – November Competition from Fabian Pineda on Vimeo.


11SecondsClub – December Competition – 4th place

This was for the monthly competition of 11SecondsClub. This is the december one. I got the fourth place :). There are a lot of things to improve, I didn’t think I win that place.

11Seconds Club – December competition from Fabian Pineda on Vimeo.

Animation · drawings

Femme Fatale Process

HI everyone!
Here is a little walking cycle with a brief estructure explanation at the end.
Hope it works for you.

Character design and animation by Fabián Pineda
Music by Bee Gees

Femme Fatale Process from Fabian Pineda on Vimeo.


Dancing Alligator Process

Yeah, this time I did this dancing alligator that can dance songs with that kind of rhythm. Below I let the links to the GIFS if you want to prove.
And here is a little list of songs that he dances pretty well.:D:

-Song of the video: Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
-Bad Bad – Michael Jackson
-Thriller – Michael Jackson
-Blue Monday – New Order
-Pide Piso – Bajo Fondo
-Hold On – Bob Sinclair

These are for the first Alligator, for the other, Your memory will help.

Dancing Aligator, movement one gif:

Dancing Alligtor, movement two gif:

Character Design:

Animation: Fabián Pineda
Character Design: Fabián Pineda
Music: Michael Jackson and Rodolfo Aicardi

Dancing Alligator from Fabian Pineda on Vimeo.