Self-portrait (Photoshop)



  • Animation from Universidad Nacional


  • Audiovisual production and graphic designer

Other knowledge

  • Artistic Drawing
  • Traditional Painting
  • Vectorial illustration



I’ve worked as 2D animator senior in several projects of my country (Colombia) and some abroad. And I have dedicated all my live to became a good artist, making illustrations for fun and making commissions.

Some of the projects where I have been involved are:

  • Camino de Agua para un pez [DigitZ Films and Tomavistas in Spain]
  • My Brother is a Zombie [DigitZ Films]
  • AxeCop [FOX]
  • Monster High [Mattel]
  • Animals [HBO]
  • Martin y Prika [1881 Animation]
  • Harmon Quest [Starburn Industries]
  • Inti y el Cazador de Leyendas [Mono Dorado]

Here is my two reels of animation if you want to see:



Fabián Leonardo Pineda Pineda
E-mail: fabianleonardopineda@gmail.com
Movil: 321 347 2517
Bogotá – Colombia


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