Dancing Alligator Process

Yeah, this time I did this dancing alligator that can dance songs with that kind of rhythm. Below I let the links to the GIFS if you want to prove.
And here is a little list of songs that he dances pretty well.:D:

-Song of the video: Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
-Bad Bad – Michael Jackson
-Thriller – Michael Jackson
-Blue Monday – New Order
-Pide Piso – Bajo Fondo
-Hold On – Bob Sinclair

These are for the first Alligator, for the other, Your memory will help.

Dancing Aligator, movement one gif:

Dancing Alligtor, movement two gif:

Character Design:

Animation: Fabián Pineda
Character Design: Fabián Pineda
Music: Michael Jackson and Rodolfo Aicardi

Dancing Alligator from Fabian Pineda on Vimeo.


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